Nutrition & Metabolic

Comprehensive analysis of metabolic pathways and cellular nutrient levels provides a personalized understanding of one’s health.

These tests enable early detection of metabolic imbalances, potential diseases, and nutrient deficiencies, allowing for proactive interventions.

The insights gained support targeted strategies for optimizing metabolism, promoting overall well-being, and guiding personalized approaches to nutrition and health management.

functional medical testing

Cellular Nutrition Assay

$624 (Phlebotomy done in-clinic)

Micronutrient testing of 95 biomarkers provides a personalized assessment of your nutritional needs. You will also be provided with The Redox (antioxidant) Score - an indication of your resistance to oxidative stress, relative to the general population. An average or below average response can be improved by appropriate use of nutrients and antioxidants as determined by the Antioxidant Protection Assay.

functional medical testing

OMX™ Organic Metabolomics - Urine/Plasma

$466 (Phlebotomy and urine collected in-clinic)

Metabolomics, also called comprehensive metabolic profiling, evaluates patterns of metabolites related to core biological systems, offering insight into biochemical dysfunctions that may be of concern.

The test includes 114 biomarkers! Organic acids, amino acids, and other small molecules are intermediate compounds that can define the efficient flow of pathways and substrates such as amino acids to reveal the level of inputs, which together establish the functional status of 6 key areas of health - Metabolic Processing, Amino Acids and protein Metabolism, Nutrition, Stress & Mood, Toxic Impacts, and Microbial Metabolism.

Metabolites are impacted by many factors and can change in response to diet, nutrient status, toxin exposures, exercise, physiologic demands, genetics, gut microbiome alterations, or disease stage.

Can you benefit?

Understanding the metabolome, combined with medical history and lifestyle, can provide insight into the following areas of health and help you reveal your metabolic signature.

  • Metabolic and macronutrient processing
  • Nutritional and vitamin status
  • Level and flow of amino acid
  • Detoxification
  • Mood issues
  • Gut concerns
  • Overall well-being