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IV Therapy



Intravenous (IV) drips deliver an electrolyte solution through a small catheter and tubing directly into the bloodstream. Usually there are medications, vitamins, or peptides that are added in order to individualize treatment needs. It was first developed by Dr. John Myers over 50 years ago at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

At Quench Hydrate, we do not treat people who are unable to consent for themselves or have no legal ability to give informed consent. We may also decide that some people need a more extensive medical or diagnostic testing before we can give treatment. We pride ourselves on being a medical clinic with high ethical standards and work by the mantra of “first do no harm”. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we will need clearance from your physician before we are able to administer treatment.

Generally a session can last as fast as 30 minutes or up to one hour. Some people prefer a quick session and can tolerate a higher flow of fluids through their blood-stream, while others need to take it slower.

You certainly can get one of our Quickie Boosts or QH Boosts as IM shots. However, we are limited on dosing and amount when administering intramuscular vitamins and amino acids. Depending on your needs, your goals, and other factors, we can help you decide what is the best course for your particular situation. 

Specialized drips such as NAD+, Plaquex, or EDTA sometime require between 1-4 hours of a session. It also requires a more thorough consultation with the physician.

All of our drips are administered by Registered Nurses, and many times a physician is on-site, and always available by phone or video. Every client is given the highest care possible.

Taking supplements can be very beneficial, and we absolutely believe that there is a place for oral and a place for intravenous (IV) or intramuscular (IM). Intravenous vitamins are 100% bioavailable while oral supplements may be as low as 20% or 40%. However, some people can’t afford weekly or biweekly IV infusions, so they choose to alternate IV with oral supplementation. Ordering micronutrient testing can help you determine which nutrients you absolutely need in an IV versus possibly supplementing orally as a maintenance. A consultation with our physician may help you decide. 

Absolutely! The goal of IV therapy is to keep you well and prolong good health and longevity. We want to improve your exercise tolerance, keep you looking young longer, and boost your immune system prior to a season filled with viral infections. It’s also a great benefit prior to a fast that is needed prior to a surgical procedure or a religious purpose. 

Typically side effects are mild and include local pain at the site of injection and possibly a bruise. However, in rare circumstances, there can be inflammation of the veins, or allergic reactions.

We do not take insurance but you are welcome to take your invoice and pursue reimbursement through your provider. We do however take HSA and FSA cards.

Quench Hydrate offers premium quality at the most affordable price possible, while still retaining amazing staff who are treated with the utmost respect for their skills. The most basic IV drip in the emergency room usually costs several times the amount, and you definitely won’t be lying on the loungers Quench Hydrate has available.

Absolutely. Text us and we will give you a rate depending on how many are in your group. 

Quench Hydrate is founded and run by a board certified physician who personally created every drip after very careful research into proper combinations and dosing. Our environment is luxurious and we offer a variety of other services to enhance your wellbeing. We aren’t just an IV clinic – we are a wellness clinic that will get you feeling wonderful inside and out!

That all depends on your medical history, your symptoms, and your goals. The beauty of individualized care is that we can’t answer what’s right for an entire population because every person is different. 

We love to build a team of professionals who are passionate about wellness. Contact us and we’d love to meet you. 

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