Hormone Optimization and Replacement Therapy

Optimize Your Hormones

Reinvigorate your life with our pellet hormone replacement therapy, the most comfortable and convenient delivery method. Balanced hormones help boost vitality, relieve the unwanted symptoms of aging, and bring out your best. While these treatments are especially key in alleviating the symptoms of menopause and low testosterone, the benefits are truly universal.

Why Pellet Therapy?

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, pellet therapy offers several benefits including fewer treatment sessions, improved safety, and more consistent results with a reduced likelihood of side effects. It’s a true set it and forget it non-invasive procedure that’s as simple as inserting a rice-sized pellet under the skin with as lilttle as 2 visits for a male and four for a female. As a result, you can reduce the likelihood of disease while supporting a mosaic of physical and cognitive health benefits.

Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Contrary to popular belief, low testosterone affects men and women. By rebalancing this essential hormone, you can enjoy fuller and more restful sleep, elevate your energy level, accelerate your weight loss goals, and even help joint pain. 

Consequently, by rebalancing this vital hormone, you can experience fuller and more restful sleep, elevate your energy levels, expedite your weight loss objectives, and alleviate joint pain. Optimizing your hormonal balance through BHRT can contribute significantly to overall well-being. Explore these benefits and more for a holistic approach to health.

What to Expect

Here are just a few of the reasons why friends and neighbors throughout Henderson and Las Vegas trust our hormone replacement therapies:

  • Founded and ran by a board-certified physician – meet Dr. Hovav
  • Precise dosages based on your hormone levels, BMI, and more
  • Non-invasive pellet hormone therapy with high-quality, naturally-sourced ingredients
  • A restful and rejuvenating setting
  • Absolute comfort during and after each procedure
BHRT | testosterone | estradiol | natural

1 year of Hormone Optimization
$2750: A savings of over $1300

Embark on a transformative journey with a full year of comprehensive bioidentical hormone care, accompanied by unwavering support from a certified HRT physician. Say goodbye to hidden fees, as our commitment is to provide transparent and reliable care throughout your wellness experience. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of flexible monthly payment options, ensuring accessibility and ease in your hormone care journey. Elevate your well-being with a tailored and transparent approach to bioidentical hormone therapy.

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