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Complications from the insertion of pellets may include minor bleeding or bruising, discoloration of the skin, infection, and possible extrusion of the pellet. Other than slight bruising and skin discoloration, these complications are very rare.

The most common side effects are increased hair growth and possible skin breakouts with the first round of therapy, because the body is getting used to increased oil production in the skin. Patients may want to change their skin care regimen from heavy products to better scientifically based and non-comedogenic skincare lines such as SkinBetter Science and SkinMedica. NAD+ Creams are also available and are excellent for reducing the inflammation caused by trauma.

Side effects may be avoided with decreasing doses on subsequent rounds of therapy.

There are currently no known health conditions that exclude a person from undergoing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants. The majority of people with hormone imbalance are great candidates for the therapy.

However, we take an individualized approach based on the patient’s medical history and there may be modifications necessary for patients who are estrogen-positive breast cancer survivors and prostate cancer survivors.

Hormone imbalance and “Low T” are by far the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in men and women. By balancing hormone levels with pellet therapy, most patients have experienced a return of or significant improvement to their sexual libido and function.

Testosterone contributes to healthy skin by aiding oil production, which allows skin to hold on to moisture. Skin can become dry, crêpey, and dull when testosterone is low. In addition, testosterone is a natural blood vessel dilator, which facilitates blood flow to the skin. These two factors – moisture and blood flow – contribute to the dewy, rosy, vibrant complexion associated with youth.
For women, estrogen and collagen go hand-in-hand. Collagen naturally plumps the skin, so when estrogen declines, wrinkles and saggy skin result. Prevention is key, so optimizing hormones as early as possible is essential to maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin. However if you feel like you have dullness of your skin, sagging, and other concerns, talk to us about the many options we have that work together with BHRT.

Testosterone and estrogen can be supplemented in the form of pellets, but other hormones may be inefficient, too. Many patients also benefit from progesterone and thyroid optimization. Depending on the patient’s individual needs, he or she may also benefit from an appropriate detox program, probiotics, nutritional support in the form of supplements or IV therapy, weight loss programs and other treatments. We can help manage all these right here at Quench Hydrate.
Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is not a magic bullet for losing weight, however, when hormones are optimized, weight loss efforts typically begin to pay off. Patients still need to eat a balanced diet and exercise, and increased energy levels will help in that area. What bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may do is increase energy, improve quality of sleep, increase muscle mass and fat burning and decrease cortisol (which causes belly fat and type 2 diabetes). The stubborn 5 or 10 lbs you’ve been battling is where the weight loss benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may shine through.

Contact us by calling or texting 702-829-5554 and we will set you up to get your blood work done. Once that’s complete, Dr. Hovav will follow up to review the results and discuss if hormone replacement is appropriate.